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Short Sales


Financial hardships, brought on by changing consumption patterns, increased competition, or construction delays can lead a business to default on a commercial mortgage loan.  In instances where cash flow is insufficient to meet mortgage and upkeep payments, then a solution must be found quickly. When this happens, commercial properties present a problem to the business and may even be in danger of foreclosure. One of the solutions that is often overlooked in these stressful situations may be a process called Commercial Short Sale.

Tobias Commercial has successfully helped commercial property owners negotiate a Commercial Short Sale on properties in the Temecula Valley.  Commercial short sales often involve more complicated business contingencies that residential short sales.  It is important to fully understand the process and have someone expereinced in commercial short sale negotiations to represent an owner in pursuit of an equitable solution with the lending bank.  Please contact us with questions regarding your distressed asset or for client references.


We Have Successfully Negotiated Short Sales with the Following Lenders:


  • Bank of America

  • Wells Fargo

  • U.S. Bank

  • Bayview Loan Servicing

  • CASS Commercial Bank

  • First Citizens Bank